New Features Updated

Added by Bug Hunter almost 3 years ago

8/2019: Introduce Invest feature -

9/1/2019: Launch Remitano Forum - The knowledge sharing platform for crypto lovers

10/10/2019: Integrate Simplex for purchasing bitcoin with Credit card. (not avaible in VN, MY and NG because they have local bank services) -

11/2019: Apply strict quota (by KYC levels) and verification to protect all customers -

12/2019: Enhance security with TouchId and FaceId
08/01/2020: Remitano is rolling out swapping between major coins (BTC/ETH/USDT) with invest coins (BNB/ADA/TRX/XLM/EOS) -

17/01/2020: Remitano is rolling out with trading fee fixed at 0.1%, reserved for large trades (1.5BTC+). -

30/01/2020: Remitano is rolling out a feature that allow supporter to mark a slow released trade -

26/04/2020: New multi-level referral program: -

09/2020: Launch Remitano Mission Offers - The Online Job Market for Crypto Lovers -

13/10/2020: Remitano have just deployed the feature that allow users to deposit and withdraw USDT with TRC20 format (USDT on TRON network) -